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Betsy Looney, BSN, RN, NCSN



President of the Virginia Association of School Nurses. I love working with children, I have been fortunate to work in school nursing at all levels and grades PK-12 for the last 2 decades. I worked one year for the public schools before working at parochial and private schools. I have been a strong advocate for stock Epi Pens and AEDs in all schools. I have helped to get laws changed in Virginia to benefit private school nursing and have been a conference guest speaker on AED's and Food Allergies. In 2022,  l spoke on behalf of the bill to get AED's in schools . Consequently,  the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill that requires an AED and a plan in place for use and training for all public schools in Virginia. I have been featured in several newspaper articles and on NPR for contributions to school nursing that improved the school community.  I believe in a "can do" attitude to increase the well-being of all children and employees.
I was humbled and honored to receive the 2020 Virginia Private School Nurse of the Year and the PIPSN outstanding nurse of the year. I have been a reviewer for the NCSN exam. I am also a  REVIVE certified narcan and an AHA  CPR instructor.
I was a gymnast in college and in my spare my time I judge High School gymnastics and enjoy spending time with my family.