VASN Benefits

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What is VASN?

VASN is a nonprofit specialty nursing organization [501(c)(6)] dedicated to promoting and advancing the quality of school health services and health education in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What is VASN's vision?

VASN is the leading expert in school health services for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What is VASN's mission?

VASN improves the health and educational success of children and youth in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What are VASN member benefits?

You are invited to join us, get involved, and be part of this mission. Together with over 350 Virginia school nurses, you can help shape a healthier future for Virginia's school children and improve our profession in a significant way.  Thank you in advance for your membership, as you become part of a dynamic and effective network of dedicated school nurses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We hope you will enjoy and utilize your VASN membership fully and benefit from our informational resources, educational opportunities, services, and advocacy initiatives.

What are VASN's informational resources & educational opportunities?

How do members benefit from VASN's legislative advocacy activities?

What strategies does VASN utilize to advocate for school nursing in Virginia?

Questions about VASN?

To contact the VASN President, send an email to