VSN Regions

Regional Directors/Co-Directors
Region I:       Angela Moore and Na-Keisha White
Region II:      Heather Loushe (Seeking Co-Director)
Region III:     Nancy Dayley (Seeking Co-Director)                  
Region IV:    Stefani Lailari & Rene Pettit       
Region V:     Vickie Southall  (Seeking Co-Director)
Region VI:    Sherry Manello (Seeking Co-Director)  
Region VII:    Mary Ellen Funk & Gretchen Robinson        
Region VIII:   Deborah Steed (Seeking Co-Director)
PPSN SIG:   Elizabeth Blanton

We invite you to contact your VASN Region Director for details of local activities by sending an email to VASN President Michelle Prescott at If you are interested in a Regional Director, Co-Director, or a PPSN Committee Position, please contact Michelle Prescott. Also, thank you for keeping VASN advised of your most current email address, if you have any changes please visit the NASN Member Center to edit your member profile under the ‘My Account’ section.