Private/Parochial School Nurse SIG

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Mission and Goals

The mission of the Private & Parochial School Nurses Special Interest Group (SIG) of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) and the V
irginia Association of School Nurses (VASN) is to advance the practice of school nursing, and provide leadership in the delivery of quality school health programs in nonpublic school settings which include private, parochial, charter and tribal school communities.  This SIG represents PPSNs throughout Virginia, and supports VASN programs and events.  In alignment with the national PPSN SIG, the following goals are advanced:

Membership in PPSN is automatic by indicating on the NASN and VASN membership application that the nurse is employed or affiliated with a nonpublic private, parochial, charter, or tribal school.  (No additional dues are assessed for PPSN membership.)  In addition, PPSNs may opt to join the PPSN discussion list. 

Virginia PPSNs attend their regional educational activities and events with their public school colleagues. In addition, PPSN specific meetings, programs, and networking opportunities are offered at the state and national conferences.  

To contact your VASN PPSN Chairperson, send an email to Heidi Capelli at

PPSN FaceBook

All NASN PPSNs are encouraged to check out the new PPSN FaceBook page. You'll recognize our Special Interest Group (SIG) by the thumbnail picture of our PPSN SIG banner. You'll also see some pictures from last year's conference in Chicago and the Endowment evening. Here are the steps to access your PPSN FaceBook page:

Step 1 : Launch your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2:  Go to the Facebook site by typing Facebook into the search box. You can join Facebook if you are not yet subscribed to this free social media service.

Step 3: Type PPSN (Private and Parochial School Nurses) in the FaceBook search box.

Step 4: Click on the "Like" button on the page and become a friend.

Things to do on the PPSN FaceBook page:

1)      Feel free to communicate with other PPSN's on the discussion page by clicking on the discussion tab at the top of the page 

2)      To share an article, click on the message box at the top of the wall and feel free to write message of explanation and then click on the link for video or an IP address. Type the article or video's IP address in and hit the share button. Tip here: when you find an article you like, go to the top of the page where it has the http address and copy that address (usually long) and then paste that into the link. Then your article will show up and you can hit the share button.

3)      Have a photo of yourself that you would like to share? Go to the photo page and share it with us!

4)      Want to find another PPSN??? Type his/her name into the search box. If you type Elizabeth Paquette, you will see me with my oldest son James in front of some famous Victorian houses in San Francisco where James lives.  Send me a message when you find me-I'd love to hear from you.

Don't be afraid to explore the page! If you write something that you decide you don't like, it's easy to remove by clicking on the "remove" button in the right hand corner of any posting.

If you have any questions about using this media, contact the PPSN FaceBook Administrator and Public Relations Chair, Elizabeth Paquette at